Catalyst injection pumps

Together with some leading LDPE producers and UHDE HPT, CTD introduced the use of cemented carbide liners in high pressure catalyst and co-monomer modifier pump bodies.
The use of cemented carbide liners improves the service life of the pumps and seal rings. It also allows the use of higher pressures. We use corrosion resistant carbide grades in order to prevent corrosion. By using carbide liners, service life of the pump bodies has been increased to more than 7 years.

Relining and modifying of existing pumps

CTD can repair your pumps by replacing the carbide liner. If you have steel lined or mono-block pumps, we can modify them by placing a carbide liner in the pump. If your pump is not suited for a carbide liner, we can modify the existing design and make a new pump with a carbide liner. We reline all brands of catalyst and modifying pumps.

Catalyst pump plungers

The plungers used in catalyst and modifying pumps are made of solid carbide. The carbide used to make these plungers is always HIP quality. Both standard grades and corrosion resistant grades can be used. We can make plungers with shrink fitted or brazed steel colar. Surface finishes of Ra = 0.005 µm are our standard in order to increase the life of the seal rings.