CTD has all the necessary measuring equipment that is needed to measure and inspect the high precision parts that we manufacture.

Manufacturing high precesion carbide parts requires the necessary measuring equipment to check the parts. CTD has measuring equipment to measure in the micrometer range. We also have NDT equipment to check the material quality and defects.


Periodical calibration of all measuring and testing equipment

All our measuring equipment is installed in conditioned rooms and is periodically controled by a calibration lab accredited by BELAC. This is a guarantee that our measuring results are correct. Every part made by CTD is supplied with an extensive measuring or inspecion report.

Our measuring and testing equipment:

  • Wenzel 3D-Coordinate Measuring Machine: X/Y/Z = 800/1500/700
  • Mitutoyo Form Tracers
  • Mitutoyo roughness measuring instrument
  • PreciMahr Universal Length Measuring calibration instrument
  • DigiMahr 817 CLM height measuring instrument
  • DigiMahr digital micrometers
  • Mitutoyo LH600-518 height measuring instrument
  • Taylor Hobson roughness measuring instrument
  • Taylor Hobson roundness measuring instrument
  • Ultrasonic flaw detector
  • Fluorescent dye penetrant
  • Flexibele Fiberscope
  • Stereo microscopes with video camera
  • Profile projectors