Tooling for Food can and Aerosol metal packagings

Tools and dies for food can and aerosol manufacturing

Metal food cans come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. This diversity requires a large number of tooling. In order to reduce costs, most of the tooling consist of a steel body with a carbide insert that provides wear resistance and dimensional stablity for forming, deep drawing and cutting of tinplate or aluminium. CTD has the know-how to assemble and machine both materials. Our wire and sink EDM machines and the CNC cylindrical and surface grinding machines are all designed for machining carbide materials. This makes it possible to manufacture and refurbish all food can and aerosol tooling in house.

Tools for food can production

Carbide tooling is found in the different production stages. Typical applications are:

  • Slitter guillotine and rotary knives
  • Scroll knives
  • Canbody welder diabolo rolls
  • Cupper tooling
  • Spin flanger rolls
  • Curling discs
  • Lining Compound needles and seats
  • Peel-off tooling
  • Scrap knives

Tooling for Aerosol metal packaging

CTD manufactures tools and dies for aluminium slug extrusion with special carbide grades to obtain smooth surfaces on the aluminium aerosols. We also make carbide tools for 2 and 3 piece steel aerosols.